Services & Solutions

Our experienced in-house engineering team, works closely with each customer to design fit for purpose equipment to clients requirements and specifications.


  • Process flow design and engineering(P&ID’s)
  • Plant layout drawings 2D & 3D
  • Product specification for tender packages
  • CAD drawings 2D & 3D
  • Fabrication drawings 2D & 3D
  • 3D process piping models c/w BOM’s
  • Consulting & process audits
  • Custom & prototype design
  • Controls & automation
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Custom Manufacturing

  • Sanitary welding using TIG or MIG
  • Shearing, forming, rolling
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Grinding & polishing
  • High-quality stainless-steel manufacturing and custom fabrication of ASME certified tanks and process systems
  • Working platforms, handrails, guardrails, stairs, ladders, safety cages
  • Sanitary piping of skid mounted and floor mounted vessels
  • Panel shop for assembly of control panels, MCC’s, HMI’s
  • Factory acceptance testing of equipment and systems
  • NDT testing – hydro, LPI, visual inspection, surface finish
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Energy (heat) Recovery

SIDMAC offers consulting, design, and manufacturing solutions to help address your energy consumption concerns and requirements.

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Field Work

  • On-site piping of sanitary lines
  • On-site maintenance and repair
  • Assembly and Installation
  • System commissioning or site acceptance testing
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Equipment Commissioning

SIDMAC has the capability of preforming In-house assembly and testing services

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Maintenance & Repair

  • Repair and testing of vessels and piping
  • Stock and supply parts & stainless fittings commonly used in the process industry
  • Recommend maintenance intervals
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Problem Solving

We have been solving manufacturing process problems for over 30 years. At SIDMAC there is no problem too small or too big for us to solve and due to our industry experience, we have seen almost everything. We will work closely with you to offer the best solution we see fit to solve an issue.

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Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

SIDMAC is proud to offer water and wastewater treatment solutions. Working with global industry partner EMCO, we can provide innovative and scalable solutions; utilizing natural water and wastewater treatment processes enhanced by advanced technologies.

These custom and pre-engineered systems solve challenges such as effluent quality and odor issues while adhering to strict and varying municipal and environmental mandates.

A typical wastewater treatment process involves three key steps:

  • Collection – Using a network of pipes, pumps, and lift stations to transport sewage
  • Treatment – Using different technologies like extended aeration, DAF units, fixed bed bioreactors, and anaerobic treatment
  • Discharge – Transferring treated water into the environment, whether for irrigation, filling reservoirs, returning to a marine environment, or re-using in an industrial process.

There are multiple benefits to investing in these types of technologies, including:

  • Better environmental safety
  • Be an environmental steward within your industry
  • Reduced electrical and chemical consumption
  • Reduced municipal fees based on BOD/COD levels
  • Reuse generated methane gas to power steam boilers or generators.
  • Depending on your product, revenue can be created from the waste by-product.

As an environmentally conscious systems manufacturer, our goal is to help protect water resources, contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices, improve the overall quality of life, and fuel economic development.

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